Week 8 - Meet the first Team!

September 9, 2020

Week 8: Meet the Teams! // Team Rating - 09.09.2020

Hi everyone,

It's finally the moment you've been waiting for - time to meet the teams! In the next five weeks, we will introduce you to one team at a time, and let them tell you more about the innovative & sustainable ideas there are working on in "Sports - Be Sustainable!"
First up is Team Rating. Their initial problem statement was, "How can we measure and rate the Allianz Arena in terms of sustainability?"

We got Viktoria, Lynn, Hoang and Sarthak - four talents with diverse skills and backgrounds but one common goal - to solve this problem.

1. Hi Team Rating! You've been working together for almost two months now. How was it in the beginning? What was your first impression of your Team?

Viktoria: Getting to know the Team and being at the stage we are working as a team today was certainly a journey. We already met virtually and physically for lunch before "The Mission" started, and I immediately thought, "wow, these are cool guys with a totally different background.", so I was very curious how the teamwork would turn out to be.

Hoang: I am always open-minded to work with people from diverse backgrounds if they share similar values. Coming to this project, the expectations from my side were never outward-focused but more like "what can I bring to the table" and "how can I best help my team to thrive". It helped a lot that we had team building sessions in the first week and learned how to appropriately address arising problems. My first impression was that my Team is quite similar to me in terms of values, and I really liked them also personally, which is a great basis to start at. We kept fostering this culture of openness, transparency, and communication.

Lynn: This AmetiXGreen culture was also built with the background that each team member needed to grow into their role, and working routines had to be found. In the first weeks, there was a lot of alignment between different working styles and personalities. All of us were interested in open team communication and in creating a joint space, in which everyone felt safe to say what their opinion is and in which they can thrive.

Sarthak: I can totally underline what you just said, Team. From the beginning of the project onwards, the journey was exhilarating and fun, so I am excited what is coming next.

2. Can you tell us more about your happy place? How did that come about?

Viktoria: Our happy place, also referred to as “The Happiness Area”, evolved over time. It started tip-toeing into our office space with us caring about each other, sharing food, actively listening to each other, having a predilection for good music and enjoying working as a team since day one. As we all love food, there are always different delicacies in our office – we usually also share our meals and have lunch together. At some point, we posted the first post-its on the door, which promote a happy environment when entering the office door. There was suddenly this AmetiXGreen team spirit evolving over time that got even stronger and probably also gets reflected in our “Happiness Area”.

Happiness Area

Lynn: In the early mornings before the office gets crowded, we usually play some concentration music, for example, piano or chilled house songs. In the afternoon, when the mood and concentration drop, we just play a nice song to lift the mood – for example, “Feels Like a Sunday” by Elderbrook or classics like “I’m So Excited” by The Pointer Sisters. In general, we are all super happy people and created a working environment where work and laughter go hand in hand and productivity is enhanced through talking, sharing and discussing.

Hoang: Our AmetiXGreen happy place really developed over the first three weeks as we realized how important it is to be happy about coming to work and to see it as an opportunity rather than a chore. We have a good mix of different backgrounds, skills, and stories we can tell. However, we all help each other and made supporting each other our number one priority. If one person cannot finish some tasks on time, we try to understand and help rather than blaming each other. One of the many things that helps us to develop a happy and positive attitude towards the work we do, is reminding ourselves, for example in our daily stand-ups, how privileged we are to be in the position we are right now as a team that I can learn a lot from and I love to work with.

3. Now over to your idea. What problem are you currently trying to solve, and what is your solution?

Hoang: Our mission is to make sustainability within the sports venue industry visible and tangible. The goal of AmetiXGreen is to help sports venue operators to have a real sustainability impact in their actions. We want to achieve this by developing a sports venue-specific sustainability framework embedded in an actionable dashboard solution that managers can use to become more sustainable and compare themselves to their peers.

Lynn: Currently, we are working on a framework and prototype to make our rating visible, which should facilitate decision-making for stadium operators. During “The Mission,” we decided to focus first on an internal assessment of sports venues, which will then be extended to an external benchmarking by including KPIs that make sports venues comparable. We aim for a holistic sustainability framework but prioritize the environmental dimension for now, because a broader spectrum would not have been feasible. There is more to come, and adding social and economic dimensions to our solution is planned for our tool in order to integrate sustainability holistically.

4. What corporate partners are you working with, and how has your collaboration been so far?

Viktoria: Our main corporate partner that we are defining and piloting our idea with is the Allianz Arena. They help us focus on the relevant aspects of developing our sustainability rating solution from a user perspective. We really appreciate the close collaboration, the intense knowledge exchange, and the time they commit to our project.

Hoang: To complement the user view, we work closely with Arabesque S-Ray to develop the sports venue-specific sustainability framework and our rating dashboard solution, as they have the expertise in assessing the materiality of various industries and companies. On top of that, we conduct various user testings with stakeholders of sports venues, which are, in our case, corporate partners of the Allianz Arena – for example, Telekom and Allianz– or experts in sustainable stadiums like PreZero.

Sarthak: We also aim to become experts by constantly exchanging with researchers and innovative companies. Considering the perspectives of different stakeholders allows us to cover relevant stakeholder needs and create user value in our AmetiXGreen dashboard.

Viktoria: We therefore also collaborate tightly with all teams of the current "Mission" and introduced a weekly project manager and content manager exchange. This allows us to gain frequent insights on all teams' working progress, exchanging best practices, and easing coordination for the corporate partners. Throughout the entire project, we are also closely accompanied by Bain & Company. Our two Bainies, Annabell and Kim, are always at our side with help and advice, challenge us in our weekly Deep Dive-sessions, and support us on our journey to turn our ideas into reality.


5. What are your next steps before the final pitch?

Viktoria: Our main goal for the three months is to turn our mission into reality to move closer to our vision, making the sports business more sustainable and setting a benchmark within the industry.

Lynn: To reach our mission, we first need to develop a sustainability framework for the environmental dimensions as a basis for our prototype. Therefore, we narrow down the significant areas to cover and decide on specific metrics within each environmental category – for example, greenhouse gas emissions, materials, and waste.

Sarthak: In a second step, the sustainability framework needs to be integrated into our prototype to develop the first minimal viable product further. This will be tested during user research and optimized to depict the user value for the final pitch. In the last step, we want to develop a viable business model to plan further steps of turning our idea into a functional product after the final pitch. I hope we make a great impact with our AmetiXGreen solution so that we take our idea further and influence the sports business towards sustainable development.


6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Now our last question: Why should other young talents join The Mission?

Sarthak: Futury is an innovative platform to form a start-up. The training sessions are amazing, and we get to learn a lot of quintessential for an entrepreneur's journey. The broad participation of corporate partners makes the program even more vibrant. So, it is an excellent program for talents who seek to test their entrepreneurial skills.

Hoang: Yes, "The Mission" is a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to test their real-world abilities. You get the right tools, the right coaching, and the right network to grow incredibly fast within twelve weeks, which would typically take one year.

Lynn: The program provides you not only with a safe environment to develop your ideas or with experienced partners to work with. It also comes with many open-minded and energetic people and heaps of drive and positive energy. There are tons of awesome workshops, in which everyone improves their working styles, and learning is guaranteed on a constant level. The biggest take-away is to work independently, to grow together with your team, and to develop your own idea.

Viktoria: You see that "The Mission" is a unique experience in a setting that you will not find anywhere else. There are a magic spirit and enthusiasm among all participants. You get the chance to work with great corporate partners ranging from FC Bayern to Handelsblatt and meet so many engaged and motivated young talents with different backgrounds, experiences, and the shared mindset to be at the forefront of driving changes TOGETHER towards a more sustainable future.

Thank you very much Team Rating - We can't wait to see your final results and your prototype at the Final Pitch!

Now that you met our first Team, stay tuned to meet the other four promising Teams of "SPORTS - Be Sustainable!".




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