Week 7 - Interim Pitch

September 4, 2020

Interim Pitch // Halftime! - 27.08.2020

Our teams reached their second milestone as it was time for the Interim Pitch!

After an early checkpoint at the Frankfurt Central Station and a few hurdles on the way, we made it safe to Düsseldorf and were warmly welcomed in the headquarter of the Handelsblatt Media Group.

Jan Kleibrink, Head of Business Development at Solutions by Handelsblatt Media Group, gave us an insight on how it was to finally host the teams in their headquarter: "We are one of the founders of "The Mission" and have been part of the initiative since day one. We have participated in numerous events all over Germany over the last year. To finally have all the teams and partners of the current project in Düsseldorf was a great pleasure! We've seen fantastic presentations and exciting discussions. We are proud to be part of this initiative."

This time the interim pitch was a hybrid event so that the corporates had the opportunity to join the event via Microsoft teams instead of traveling to Düsseldorf. The event started off high-speed with a welcome speech from Vanessa Kämpf, the program director of The Mission, and a short overview of the teams' progress and the general 'SPORTS – Be Sustainable!' project. She was followed by Dr. Christian Sellmann, Chief Sales Officer of Handelsblatt Media Group, who welcomed the guests in their home base and wished the teams good luck for the pitches.

And then it was time for our teams to present! This time around, our teams had the chance to deliver their results within 30 minutes, addressing their current situation, results from their market and user research phase, their prototype, their initial business model and their roadmap with the next steps. We witnessed innovative and sustainable solutions, including a digital community building solution, a platform enabling building operators to find and select sustainable technologies, an experience sharing web application, an aiding system for caterers to fight food waste, and a rating system to make sustainability within the sports business visible and tangible.

All teams had the opportunity to get feedback and ideas for improvement from the corporate partners after each presentation. Furthermore, the lunch break was a space for the teams to exchange their ideas individually with the partners.

We asked our talent Tanmay Moharana, Tech Developer from Team Digital, to describe his experience at the interim pitch and here's what he wanted to share:

"Working together as a team has been super fun. The road to the interim pitch has been exciting, especially with numerous workshops from different experts. Building a startup is not easy, but with the Futury team and other partners like Bain & Company along the way, we experience smoother progress. The learning process is an added advantage, especially with big corporate partners like FC Bayern, Allianz Arena, Audi, and others involved. The learning curve has helped me hone my skills and learn from my fellow colleagues. The road to the interim pitch has been super fun and exciting, with lots of user research being done. It was the first time I interviewed someone and asked questions on social inclusion, sustainability,and what they think about it as individuals. It was a super fun experience for me as a techie to get to know the UI/UX side of a product development phase. I would also like to add that without Futury and other partners' efforts, it wouldn't have been possible to showcase our idea at the interim pitch. So a big thanks to all of you. But I think the road to innovation just started, and there is more to come, so I'm looking forward to the big final pitch event."

It was also interesting to find out how it's like to work on a topic you're really passionate about, and therefore we asked Chloe Kam, Project Lead from Team Digital, to share her thoughts:

"It feels like what you do and what you believe in are the same goal, so work is more than just work. Especially in sustainability, it is priceless to know that you are trying to make a difference in someone's life, in which resources and freedom may not be a given. The sense of purpose will drive you to do things out of your ordinary, and only for the better."

We would like to thank Handelsblatt Media Group for hosting this event and taking all necessary measures to ensure everyone's safety and health during this pandemic! Now our teams reached the third phase of the project: Prototyping and Testing. We can’t believe how time flies, and soon it’s already time for the final pitch! We are excited to see what 'The Mission III: SPORTS – Be Sustainable!' will unravel and how the ideas will turn out.

Until then, stay tuned for the next weeks as it’s finally time to meet all our five innovation teams in each upcoming blog.

Stay healthy and safe out there!




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