Week 6- Life in TQ

September 4, 2020

What is it like to be in TQ? - 21.08.2020

What is it like working on the project on a daily basis? It’s a question I get from our potential talents all the time. Describing the amazing atmosphere of sharing, caring and hard work that we have in the office is often hard to describe in just a few sentences. So let’s put it in a blog! 

Since The Mission II, TechQuartier (TQ) has become the home-base for our innovation teams. 

TQ is a Frankfurt-based startup hub and cross-industry innovation platform. Now established as the main access point to the local FinTech cluster, it is the reference point both for local startups wishing to grow their business and for corporates aiming to collaborate and leverage their disruptive potential. 

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? TQ provides us with a great office space and the opportunity to network with all the other startups and experts who call TQ their second home. Like that time TQ’s Managing Director Dr. Thomas Funke came by to share his insight on User Research Synthesis with our teams. 


Besides being a great place to work, TQ has also become a place of coming together to celebrate and have fun. As Viktoria from Team Rating put it: “Working at the TechQuartier is going along with a magical spirit. There is always an inspirational and creative atmosphere in the office that lasts from morning until night. Working at the TechQuartier is not only about “getting stuff done”, there is also the exchange with other entrepreneurs and the startup spirit with having a kicker, always yummy food and fancy drinks at the office. So, if you do not find my team AmetiXGreen at their desks in the "Happiness Area" of the TechQuartier, you will probably spot them chatting in the kitchen or competing in their hundredth table tennis tournament 😊”

Earlier in August, our teams even hosted the first-ever Futury Intercultural Night! Have you ever had Italian Parmigiana, German Handkäse, Indian Palak Paneer and traditional Hong-Kong-style Radish Cake on one plate? Our teams have 😋

Moreover, our football fan crew even organized a public viewing of the UEFA Champions League’s Semi-Final, where Bayern München won over Lion and secured itself a ticket to the Final. Watching our partners win the match was a truly spectacular experience! 

As you can see, our life in TechQuarteir is full of joy and happy moments. It these were just a few highlights! Luckily, our talents will get to enjoy it for another couple of weeks. Once they've pitched their ideas in the Finals, it will be time to say goodbye to the beloved office. Unless... the teams continue working on their ideas in a startup 🚀

Stick with us, we have more stories to tell! 




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