Week 4 - Founders Intelligence

August 11, 2020

Founders Intelligence - 11.08.2020

We often get asked about the teams' and ideas' potential after The Mission. While our "SPORTS - Be Sustainable!" teams are busy doing user research and evaluation, let us tell you a little more about what opportunities our teams will have upon the completion of The Mission.

Last year, Futury has started a fruitful collaboration with Founders Intelligence - an ecosystem uniting unicorn founders, leading VCs and thought-leaders around the world. During our projects, they support our teams with insights from different industries and startups to foster their initial ideas. Beyond The Mission, FI accompanies our teams on their journey to create real startups from those ideas within The Mission Accelerator Program.

In our last project, “BANKING – Be Green!”, Team Budge decided to develop their project idea further. Soon after the Final Pitch, they received initial capital from the project partners (Deutsche Bank, Kaufland, DWS Group and Zurich) and entered the program. Their goal was to refine their idea, business model, and market potential, as well as answer the hypotheses around their business. The two-month follow-on program has now come to an end.

budge pitch founders intelligence

Hendrik Jandel, Founders Intelligence

Last week, Budge pitched in front of the partners, with Deutsche Bank’s CMO/CXO Tim Alexander and CDO Frank Pohlgeers among the guests. What’s next? Follow Budge on LinkedIn to find out first! 

Now all of that would not have been possible without Hendrik Jandel - consultant from Founders Intelligence. He became a true mentor for Budge, guiding them through the world of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. 

Our friends from Qiio Magazin have recently interviewed Hendrik about his experience with Futury.

Here’s are some highlights from the interview:

What is your mission at Founders Intelligence? 

Our vision at Founders Intelligence is to help large companies become tech companies. Because we believe that all successful companies must become technology companies in the foreseeable future. To achieve this goal, we believe large companies must learn from and work with tech startups. This involves both partnering up with startups and investing in startups, as well as setting up startups within their own companies, thereby promoting entrepreneurial activity within established companies. We believe that technological innovation must become the core of a corporate strategy to ensure sustainable growth.

How do you approach this goal? What is your formula for success? 

Traditional management consultancies often look back at the figures and data of the past few years to develop a new strategy. We instead observe what successful founders are doing today and how they view the future. We regularly talk to successful founders to find out how they see the future of a particular industry and to understand where it is heading in five to ten years. 

In your opinion, what are the reasons most startups fail? What hurdles must be considered? 

In general, you should always make sure that the concepts you develop will eventually find customers willing to pay for them. Therefore, we believe that new concepts should always be sufficiently validated before anyone invests money in the development of products. You should constantly get feedback from your customers in every phase of your business in order to improve. When we develop new concepts and startups, we want to have clear proof that there is sufficient willingness to pay for the products they offer.

Your team is now accompanying Budge from “BANKING - Be Green!” through the next phase. What potential do you see in the concept? 

Budge’s vision is to create a kind of a pocket-sized sustainability trainer that encourages people to make their everyday lives more sustainable. Users of the app enter their interests in their profile and then set themselves personal challenges, such as refusing to buy coffee-to-go, only buying products in reusable packaging, cycling to work or refraining from eating meat for a certain time. In this way, they playfully learn how they can contribute to saving CO2, water or plastic by changing their behavior. Many people think that a sustainable lifestyle requires a major change in lifestyle. Budge proves them wrong. What is particularly exciting about the idea is that these challenges can be shared with friends. For doing so, you collect so-called “Green Points” to an account.

Budge is backed not only by Futury, but also by a number of large companies, including Deutsche Bank, who has deliberately decided to enter a second phase with this team. Sounds like a lot of responsibility for the three founders. How important is that in this stage? 

It is a great advantage for Budge to have direct access to larger companies. It also means that it has the first clients on hand who are interested in the startup being successful. That is very rare. Budge has the opportunity to develop something that can be tailored to the needs of companies and their employees.

To read the full interview (in German), click here

Our “SPORTS - Be Sustainable!” teams already got to meet Hendrik in their first session called “Market Research: Insights from the Startup World,” where they learned how, where and why to look for competitors in their respective fields. We look forward to more input from Founders Intelligence and, of course, can’t wait to see who will join The Mission Accelerator Program next. 

Stick around! We have more excellent news coming next week. 




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