Week 12 - Meet Team Digital!

September 30, 2020

Week 12: Meet Team Digital - 06.10.2020

Hi everyone,

SPORTS - Be - Sustainable is almost at the finish line! The Final Pitch is already this Thursday and our teams are right now perfecting their performances in the pitch training sessions.

We have one last (but not least) team to present - Team Digital! Our three talents, Chloe, Tanmay and Christoph were tackling this following problem statement for the last three months: "How can we use date and technology to improve the customer journey of the fans in a sustainable way?".

Here is what they have been working on ..

1. All three of you have VERY different backgrounds. How do you take advantage of that, and is there anything you all have in common?

Tanmay: Coming from different backgrounds makes us a diverse team that not only aligns with the mission's goal but also our core value of inclusion and sustainability. As a team, we have evolved, learned from each other culturally, personally and professionally through the amazing journey we have had. The expertise in different fields and the drive to work together to build something tangible and sustainable are the common motivating factors behind the synergy for our team, and these common goals have provided us with a great learning curve. They have bonded us together as a team.


2. What are your team roles? Can you tell us more about what exactly each of you does?

Christoph: Chloe is responsible as the overall project lead. She coordinates the tasks and critically examines all results. Furthermore, she manages the communication with the corporate partners. Tanmay is the brain behind the technical development. He is responsible for creating the prototype and implementing the team's ideas in a digital solution. I am in charge of research and the sustainable impact of the project. I prepare the data, which then is incorporated into the team's solution.

3. Now, over to your idea. What problem are you currently trying to solve, and what is your solution?

Christoph: There are inequalities and disconnections in some areas of football fan culture. In this respect, we have found out that fans want to feel more connected to the fan community in order to improve their matchday experience and their sense of belonging. We believe that everyone can share a passion for football, be a football fan, support a club, and watch a match regardless of their background. That's why we are working on the first community-building, digital solution focusing on forming a stronger, more inclusive fan community at a German football club. We want to enable fans to exchange witch each other in real life and online on the digital platform with our solution.

4. What corporate partners are you working with, and how has your collaboration been so far?

Chloe: We've been working with FC Bayern most closely, gaining insights into their fan base and digital strategy. Their feedback is particularly relevant for us to conceptualize a product idea that offers sufficient value propositions to end-customers and all stakeholders in sports. We wouldn't have been able to progress so far from scratch without inputs from Telekom, HVB and Allianz as well. All of the corporate partners, especially experts at Bain & Company, have played a significant role in helping us refine the idea of making a tangible social impact.

5. What are your next steps before the final pitch?

Chloe: We're trying to deep-dive into the product feature and think of more concrete use cases for fans inside and outside the stadium. When we speak of 'community platform,' people often think of Facebook and Twitter's likes, instead of social sustainability. We want to make sure the audience at our final pitch understands that our goal is to connect fans, regardless of who they are and where they are, and our vision is to empower fans to connect and reflect. Our next steps are to find ways to convince our audience that we are not just another social media platform, and our impact can go much more beyond just football.

6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Now our last question: Why should other young talents join The Mission?

Tanmay: The Mission is a great place to start your entrepreneurship journey as it not only provides the right environment where you meet and work together with like-minded young and enthusiastic talents from across the globe with a vision to change the world with their ideas but also great connections, support from corporate partners, incredible mentors. They advise and support you throughout the journey of building a start-up that would actually make an impact and make the world a better place.

Thank you so much Team Digital - Your presentation at the final pitch is very much anticipated, can't wait to see you rock!

Let's wish our teams all the best with the last preparations!

Join our livestream this Thursday (08.10.2020), 14:00-18:00 and be a part of our finale Milestone Event!




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