Week 11 - Meet Team Mobility!

September 23, 2020

Week 11: Meet Team Mobility - 29.09.2020

Hey everyone,

Are you just as excited as we are? SPORTS - Be Sustainable is nearly coming to an end and we're more than thrilled to see the final results of our teams next week in the Final Pitch at the Allianz Arena!

But before that, let me introduce you to one of the remaining teams - Team Mobility! Our four talents Julia, Niklas, Marco and Abhay - four outstanding individuals - were tackling the following problem statement during The Mission III: "How can we employ new mobility services to improve the process of arrival, parking and departure of the fans in the Allianz Arena?".

I wonder what they came up with .. 🤗

1. How is it working together with people you never met before? 

Marco: For us, as a team, it was easy from the very beginning. But you always need to be flexible and open to other people’s ideas because you work together with diverse people. 

Niklas: However, meeting new people from different backgrounds is also the most enjoyable part of this environment. It really pushes you into delivering a creative solution.

Julia: Personally, the setting helped me a lot to get out of my “business bubble.” In the university, I never get to work with designers, tech people and engineers. 

Abhay: Exactly, it is super valuable to have people with different backgrounds, be it cultural or study backgrounds. Everybody has a different perspective, different approaches. 

2. I've heard you have a special ritual for happy moments. Could you tell us more about it? 

Marco: We eat. 😂

Niklas: Definitely, food is really bringing us all together.

Abhay: After all the major successes, we went to have food together, sometimes even self-prepared by all of us.

Julia: Yes, we got to taste food from all around the world. We had German, Italian, Indian and Korean food. We're intercultural.

Marco: We are definitely bringing our background to the table. This is our ritual for successful moments.

3. Now over to your idea. What problem are you currently trying to solve, and what is your solution?

Niklas: The carbon footprint of events is huge. We reduce the CO2 emissions caused by mobility by bringing people together. 

Marco: We are working on a service that matches people to bigger groups. They can then travel together to an event venue to improve the carbon footprint and the traffic. We use reward systems and mobility partnerships to help event organizers transform the mobility habits of their visitors.

4. What corporate partners are you working with, and how has your collaboration been so far?

Abhay: Already in our first week, we got to work together with corporate partners on our idea. For us as the mobility team, Audi is one of the most important supporters of our solution. During the process, we’ve been continuously in touch with them, always receiving valuable feedback. 

Niklas: The collaboration with the corporate partners is one of the most significant values of The Mission. It allows you to get insights into the expert knowledge they already have in their respective field. On top of Audi, we also work together with FC Bayern, Allianz Arena and Telekom. The experts of Bain & Company are always supporting our progress with methodology and innovative approaches.

Marco: On top of that, the pitches are a good moment to get opinions of all corporate partners, also those we usually do not collaborate with. They always bring in new perspectives. 

Niklas: Despite collaborating with external partners, our internal collaboration is an important part of our daily work. We have a lot of creative sessions on the whiteboard where we develop new ideas, scrap them and start over again. 

Abhay: This innovative way of working is great. We attended several workshops conducted by different experts, giving us helpful directions. And on top of that, being in TechQuartier is amazing. Talking to other start-ups in this innovative environment helps a lot. They have all been in a similar situation as we are. All these aspects add a lot of value to The Mission. 

5. What are your next steps before the final pitch?

Julia: We’ve divided our work into three flows. One workflow focuses on the user view, where we develop our prototype in a user-centric way. We then have a technology flow where the prototype is turned into code. And finally, we have the business workflow where we decide how to make money out of it.

Marco: Yeah, we cover both: a lot of practical design work with the creation of an MVP and some more strategic development of the idea.

6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Now our last question: Why should other young talents join The Mission?

Niklas: The Mission is a great opportunity to work in a group of creative minds. All talents have experience in very different fields. Everybody is spending all their effort to make an impact. It is a perfect opportunity to apply the skills that you have developed during your time at university.

Marco: For me, the Mission is all about meeting new people and having continuous interaction with young talents. You get to build a network with all partners and participants of Futury. You can also experience the start-up environment in real life and see how an idea can grow in such a short amount of time. It is a great way to apply your skills and knowledge in a flexible and innovative place. 

Julia: There is no other program out there that covers all these aspects. You get basically paid for learning every day and for always challenging yourself. It’s the best you could get!

Abhay: I can agree to all of you. One characteristic that everybody in The Mission has is openness. It’s about interacting and understanding different perspectives. It’s about leveraging your own skills, the skills of your teammates and learning new skills. It is not an ordinary internship. It is a reality check of what you can do.

Niklas: In the end, The Mission is a challenge to find out about yourself and your potential. 

Thank you very much, Team Mobility - We are excited to see Commensally's developments at the project's last milestone event.

Next week is the last week of SPORTS - Be Sustainable! - but before the final blog post about the final pitch, stay tuned to meet our last team!




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