Week 10 - Meet Team Logistics!

September 23, 2020

Week 10: Meet Team Logistics - 23.09.2020

Hello there,

Only two weeks left until the Final Pitch of SPORTS - Be Sustainable! and there are still three more teams to meet - so let's get right into it!

This time, meet our talents Carolin, Carolina, Ade, and Yannick - who together build Team Logistics. For the past ten weeks, they have been tackling this initial problem statement: "How can we redesign existing supply chains to improve e.g. waste disposal in the Allianz Arena?". Check out what they have been working on 😎

1. Has the project met your expectations so far? What has been the biggest surprise for you?

Ade: My main expectation for The Mission was to have entrepreneurial experience and develop an idea from scratch together with talents from different backgrounds. Looking back, I would say my expectations were not only met but exceeded. The Mission has proven to be a unique entrepreneurial experience which encompasses valuable workshops, unflinching support from corporate partners, and great initiatives from the diverse teams. I was particularly impressed by the level of productivity attained within a short period of time right from the very first day of the project. My biggest surprise would be how the different teams bonded quickly and worked well together despite coming from diverse backgrounds. It seems like we've known each other for a long time, even though it's only been roughly three months.

2.Coming from different backgrounds, what have you learned from each other, and how did you manage to grow as a team? 

Carolin: Even if three of us have a business background, we quickly realized that everyone can bring their individual strengths to our team. Right from the start, we distributed the roles and grew more and more into them. Our similar study background also has the advantage that we can better support each other with different tasks (such as developing the business plan, market analysis etc.). 

In general, when working in a team, it is very important to accept the strengths and waknesses and to talk to each other as quickly as possible if there are problems - fortunately, that was not the case for us 😊.

So that we grow together better as a team, we often do something together privately. This is especially important because in TechQuartier, you usually talk about work - unless we play table football. Also, thanks to our mentor Niklas from Mission 2 😉. 

3. Now, over to your idea. What problem are you currently trying to solve, and what is your solution?

Carolina: More than 1/3 of worldwide food produced is ultimately wasted. With this thought in mind, we wanted to help sports venues eradicate food waste and improve the facility’s impact on the environment. Surprisingly enough, most food waste is generated within the V.I.P. guest areas/Business Club, characterized by an overfilled buffet. 

We wanted to build a technology that would help the caterer reduce food waste in a holistic way. From the moment they start planning the menu until post-event waste disposal operations. That is how we came up with GrubGuard – an integrated forecasting and waste tracking solution to minimize food waste, with tailored assessments helping reduce its cost and environmental impact. 

Our solution compromises of:

  • An AI-powered menu planning system for optimal buffet planning
  • A waste tracking system, embedded with a smart scale 
  • An environmental impact assessment with goal-setting capabilities, to enable accountability 
  • And an automated report generation for easy communication.

Our motto? GrubGuard – saving food the smart way!

4. What corporate partners are you working with, and how has your collaboration been so far?

Carolina: Our main corporate partner is PreZero, whose contribution has always been very resourceful throughout the mission, giving us all the necessary support and direction with their expertise in waste management and environmental-friendly solutions. 

Undoubtedly, all partners were extremely helpful in the realization of our solution, with their feedbacks and network, always available to put us in contact with the right person to answer all our questions 😊 

Their help was especially paramount when we started conducting User Research. All corporate partners proactively reached out to their network to find potential users to interview, and we are incredibly grateful for that.

5. What are your next steps before the final pitch?

Yannick: The final pitch represents the culmination of 3 months of hard work, yet the goal we are working towards is a different one: building a successful start-up. Until the final pitch — a pit-stop on GrubGuard’s journey — we have a lot of work to do. Firstly, we plan on conducting user testing to refine our prototype further. Developing a strong business model and sound financial planning, along with a robust logic on how our various features function, are further key areas. Finally, it’s equally important for us to soak up and savor the unparalleled atmosphere here at the TechQuartier, and end The Mission on a high at the final pitch.

6. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! Now our last question: Why should other young talents join The Mission?

Yannick: Whether you continue building your start-up after The Mission or follow a different path, you will learn and experience an enormous amount during these three months, be it through discussions with Futury and the corporate partners, or workshops with Bain & Company and the Werte-Stiftung. Metaphorically, The Mission prepares your ship (start-up) for her maiden voyage into the rough seas (real business world), providing you with a safe harbor and acting as a precursor to the choppy waters that await. Not only are you joined by your team members, but a whole crew of driven young talents with the same mission: working towards a more sustainable future. This is also a period of personal growth in which you find answers to important questions: what are my strengths; what work environment do I prefer; what role fits me? The opportunities arising from the prerogative of being part of The Mission are seemingly endless, equipping you with all the tools necessary to set sail and embark into the open sea. But make no mistake — you are the captain of your ship and have her fate in your own hands.

Thank you very much Team Logistics - Keep it up and we're more than thrilled to see your final results!

In these last two weeks, all our teams are near the end stages of the prototyping and testing phase. Stick around with us until the very end and stay tuned for the upcoming blogs to meet the remaining teams.

Until then - stay safe and sound!




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