Final Weeks + Final Pitch

May 8, 2020

Final Pitch // 06.05.2020

All good things come to an end, so do our projects. This Wednesday, we wrapped up "Banking - Be Green" - the second round of our "The Mission" program - with a "hybrid" Final Pitch. 

Due to COVID-19, we had to adjust our event to distance and hygiene regulations to assure the safety of those who joined us in TechQuartier. Those who couldn't be there in person had the chance to join via a livestream, which enabled not only our talents and corporate partners but also Futury's friends and family to be a part of this project's last milestone event. 

You can watch the whole event here:

We kicked off the official part of the event with a warm welcome from "Banking - Be Green!"s main corporate partner Deutsche Bank. Manfred Knof (Head of Private Bank Germany) joined us online and thanked everyone for keeping up the great work even in such difficult circumstances and wished the teams good luck for their pitches. 

From the screens - back to the stage. As per the tradition, the event was hosted by Vanessa Kämpf, Program Director of "The Mission". Together with Jannis Röthemeier, she masterfully managed the project through thick and thin and was thrilled to give us a quick recap of the past 12 weeks as well as (re-)introduce the teams. Jannis, on his end, was the superhero of the online-event coordination, making sure our zoom-meeting, youtube-livestream and the event itself run smoothly. 

So, without further ado, we handed over the mic to the first pitching Team - GreEnFin. 

GreEnFin is an education platform that will make it accessible for students to learn about Sustainable Finance, engage with sustainable projects and activities and be part of a community of link-minded people. The platform would also offer exciting opportunities for corporate companies to tap into the pool of young talents and connect with them. Throughout the project, the team has received support from our corporate partner Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. 

Next up was team Mobility. Never thought of the impact your driving style can have on the environment? We neither! That is why the team has created "Drive'N'Save" - an app that would motivate drivers to drive more sustainably via immediate feedback and incentives. Many thanks to the Corporate Partner Daimler for sharing their mobility expertise with the team. 

Then we moved over to team Food and their solution called "Your Choice". Their app should help consumers make sustainable purchasing decisions via personalized recommendations based on customer's preferences and reward them with bonus points for each sustainable purchase. This team worked closely with the corporate partner Kaufland. 

Another hot topic - impact investment - was covered by team "Impact4Real". The team's goal is to make investment more attractive for the young generation who are concerned about the future of our planet. For that, they've developed a gamified app that would guide young investors through the whole investment journey. This team's partners were DWS and Zurich. 

And last but not least - Team "Budge"! This app wants to help people stick to their goals of having a more sustainable lifestyle. The app would challenge its users to reduce their carbon footprint with habits like eating vegan or using less plastic. Upon completion of each challenge, the app will convert the amount of CO2 that was "avoided" by the user into green points that can then be turned into discounts for sustainable purchases. As an additional incentive, the app will include a global ranking of all users. Kaufland supported this team as well. 

To close off the pitching rounds, Walter Sinn (Managing Partner DACH) shared his impression from the pitches and the whole experience in the project. Mr. Sinn congratulated the teams on their "passion, persistence and team play" despite the current challenges and encouraged them to keep their entrepreneurial spirit for their ideas and beyond. 

To share their thoughts on the project and the cooperation with the teams, we invited Thomas Mog from Deutsche Bank and Eike Führling from Zurich Insurance for a panel discussion led by Futury's Co-Founder and MD Charlie Müller. Both of them have worked closely with the teams and expressed their willingness to continue supporting the teams in the future as well. 

Our talents Naima, Nadine and Markus joined Charlie for a separate discussion and reflected on their most joyful and stressful moment of the project. It was especially interesting to hear about their personal learnings and key takeaways from the whole journey. 

Our media partner and one of the co-initiators of "The Mission" Handelsblatt, though not there in person, made their contribution to the event by publishing an article about "Banking - Be Green". Furthermore, they sent us fresh copies of Handelsblatt Research Institute's Trend Radar from "The Mission I: Waste Be Circular!". In the report, they have analyzed the problem of plastic packaging in the food industry that our teams had tackled in the previous "Mission" and shared the results of their research. It was also announced that Handelsblatt will develop a Trend Radar for "Banking - Be Green". 

Once the official part was over, the corporates and teams held one-on-one sessions to discuss the future of the ideas. 

We hope to be able to share the success stories with you very soon! 

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has made this project possible: Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, Zurich Insurance, Daimler, Medallia, Kaufland, Frankfurt School, DWS, GreenCycle and Handelsblatt. Thank you for your contribution and support! A special thank you goes to TechQuartier, for providing us with an excellent platform to work and create for the past three months. 

To our teams - YOU ROCK! 

It's been an amazing journey and we're happy to say that, despite the difficulties, you have made the best out of this experience. You overcame the challenges COVID-19 presented you with by working hand-in-hand, sticking to your values and pushing your ideas forward no matter what.

It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best in your personal and professional future. We now proudly welcome you in our Futury Alumni Network and look forward to staying in touch with you. 

Divided by distance, but united by MS Teams ;) 

As for Team Futury - we're on to the next one. "The Mission III: Sports - Be Sustainable" with FC Bayern München  is coming up this July and promises to be the hottest project of this summer! Follow us on Social Media to keep up with the latest news. 

Mission Completed 🚀

Take care and see you soon!

Laura & Team Futury


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