January 28, 2020

Frankfurt, TechQuartier, 10.02.2020, Week 0


After completing multiple small-scale projects with Germany’s leading companies, Futury challenged itself to grow further. The goal was to enlarge the scope of the projects by focusing on sustainable innovation that can have a long-lasting impact on the economy, society, and the planet. And that is how “The Mission” was born!

The Mission – an initiative for a sustainable future – was launched by Futury together with Deutsche Bank, Bain &Company, GreenCycle, and Handelsblatt.

In 12 projects, we will tackle the challenge of bringing sustainability into business in 12 different fields of the industry.

In September 2019, we kicked off the first Mission “WASTE – Be Circular”. For that project, we brought together 11 companies representing the whole value chain of the food industry. We scouted the best talents who would develop innovative solutions on how to make the entire food retail process more sustainable.  

The pilot project was a total success! After 3 months of hard work, the 4 innovative teams presented the prototypes of their ideas to the corporate partners and received overall positive feedback. Right now, some of the teams are in the process of developing their project outcomes into real start-ups.  

Meanwhile, Futury is on to the next project - "Banking Be Green!".

What is this project about? Read the next article to find it out!


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