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February 7, 2020

Frankfurt TechQuartier, 10.02.2020, Week 0


The banking industry is currently going through a lot of changes, as the customer preferences and demands transform. Our project aims to determine the expectations of new generations of customers and adapt our partner Deutsche Bank’s offerings according to their preferences.  For that, we have found 20 highly motivated talents who will be working on 5 innovative ideas.  

Our talents come from 9 countries and have very different cultural and professional backgrounds. You will learn more about them in the blog next week!

From the corporate side, we have a diverse group of companies as well. The leading partner of the project, as you might have guessed, is Deutsche Bank - the leading German bank with strong European roots and a global network. As one of the initiators of “The Mission”, they will now have the opportunity to work hand and hand with our teams in a project and support our teams with their decades-long banking expertise.  

Another Mission-initiator – Bain & Company, joins the projects as the leading consulting partner. Bain is a global consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change makers define the future. Among those change makers are also our innovators - Bain consultants have coached our first Mission teams and contributed to their outstanding performance in the Final Pitch. We are sure our Bain colleagues will push our Banking-teams forward with their workshops and deep-dive sessions!
Among industry experts joining the project are Zurich Insurance, Medallia, Kaufland, Frankfurt School, DWS, and Handlesblatt!  

Next week, @TechQuartier, Frankfurt’s central Fintech Hub and our project’s home base, will open its doors to our 5 innovative teams for the first time. We will be starting the project with a very intensive onboarding week full of team building activities, workshops, ideations, working sessions, and more. The week after, corporate partners will come to meet the teams and hear their idea pitches. In a special working session, corporates will be able to share their thoughts and impressionsregarding the teams’ ideas. Once teams get their green light from the corporates, they go back to TechQ, roll up their sleeves, and get into the business!  

From now on, you’ll be able to follow the development of the project in our weekly blog on this website. For daily updates, follow us on social media!  

See you!


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