Only sustainable innovation can have a long-lasting positive impact on the economy, society and the planet. THE MISSION is a large-scaled initiative for a sustainable future that will tackle the challenge to bring sustainability into business in 12 different fields of the industry.


Together with Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, GreenCycle and Handelsblatt, Futury has launched a new initiative for a sustainable future. We are searching for young talents for each of these twelve topics to develop sustainable solutions within 3-month innovation projects. Are you concerned about the future of our planet?
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THE MISSION - Initiative for a sustainable future.

The world is facing more challenges than ever before. Futury, a spin-off of the Werte-Stiftung, Bain & Company, GreenCycle, Deutsche Bank and Handelsblatt Media Group have therefore founded a new initiative called "THE MISSION". The common goal: to bring together the best experienced and young minds and to network committed companies with the best talents, students and graduates.

The initiators have specifically defined twelve future topics that address challenges for our sustainable future. Over the next three years, future topics will be worked on by young teams and prototypes for their visions will be developed. To this end, projects will be defined and advertised in the Futury network.

Five innovation teams from German and worldwide universities will be formed for each future topic. The team members belong to different disciplines and consist out of three to four members.

The individual projects each last three months. The procedure is as follows:

This is how the individual projects work

Futury manages the projects operationally and is responsible for recruiting and pre-selecting the teams. For each MISSON, the best 20 applicants get selected and will be divided into 5 teams. Futury will welcome the selected teams with an intensive onboarding week full of methodological workshops, e.g. Design Thinking & User Research, as well as expert/guestlectures in Frankfurt to put them directly on the right track. Afterwards, the teams will prepare their initial pitches for the first milestone event - the Kick-off- where they will present their innovative and sustainable ideas and get to know all participating project partner for the first time. From then on, the teams start making their ideas to reality by working hand in hand and getting support from several different sides:

The Value Foundation accompanies the innovation teams with its Value - Curriculum. This enables us to guarantee that the teams work at eye level with the corporates and that the jointly defined values are adhered throughout the project.

Deutsche Bank is co-initiator and comprehensive partner of the initiative for the next three years and will provide resources and its entire network. Bain & Company, one of the world's leading management consultancies, accompanies THE MISSION as an initial partner with resources and know-how. As an initial partner, GreenCycle contributes resources and many years of experience in the creation of a closed, sustainable material cycle. The Handelsblatt Research Institute is the research and knowledge partner of this initiative. The Solutions unit of the Handelsblatt Media Group accompanies the project as your comprehensive media and content partner and is also responsible for the concept and implementation of the initiative's major events.

The individual projects are in turn supported by corporate sponsors. Together with the initiative partners, they make the final selection of the teams and the associated project ideas. They accompany the projects intensively, provide resources, are at the same time sparring partners for the teams and facilitate access to the experts from their companies.

You want to have a first impression on THE MISSION?

Have a look at the teams of the first project "Waste - Be Circular!".

Want to apply for open projects for THE MISSION?
Ulrich Höngen, CEO Wisag Catering

During our project with Futury, we have seen that Futury can offer us a great opportunity to work together with young, well-educated and committed people to develop new, innovative ideas.

Laura Mehler

Futury helped us the most by offering us the access to the corporate partner network. This allowed us to validate our ideas and hypotheses and test our products in a real-world scenario.

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