Only sustainable innovation can have a long-lasting positive impact on the economy, society and the planet. THE MISSION is a large-scaled initiative for a sustainable future that will tackle the challenge to bring sustainability into business in 12 different fields of the industry.


Together with Deutsche Bank, Bain & Company, PreZero and Handelsblatt, Futury has launched a new initiative for a sustainable future. We are looking for entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups for each of these twelve topics to develop sustainable solutions within 3-month innovation programs. Are you concerned about the future of our planet?
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How it works

With the initiative THE MISSION, we want to pursue one goal. To bring sustainability into various fields of the industry. To this purpose, all THE MISSION partners have jointly defined 12 different topic areas. Each of these areas will be covered by one innovation program, i.e. a MISSION. Each program lasts three months and consists of different phases, which are described below.

Planning the adventure

Every Mission starts with the identification of suiting partners for the selected project topic. Over the years, we have established a broad network of excellent corporate partners, from German Hidden Champions to DAX companies. Together with the selected partner, we define the project scope by pinpointing the most pressing issues of the represented industry in terms of sustainability.

By breaking down industries into value-chains, customer journey steps and touchpoints, we determine five innovation fields for each project, where we see the potential for sustainable innovation. Later in the project, each innovation field will be represented by one team.

Once the scope is set, we start with the recruiting.

Looking for the best companions

The common goal: to bring together the best experienced and young minds.

For each program, we look for young entrepreneurial talents with different academic and professional backgrounds who want to make a positive impact on the planet. We take a holistic approach in our selection process. We pay close attention to academic as well as extracurricular achievements, but what counts the most, is the candidates motivation and mindset.

We look for open personalities who are willing to make a change with their ideas and skills. During the application process, the best candidates themselves can get to know each other on the Futury Ideation Platform to exchange ideas and look for team members for the program. We make sure the teams are interdisciplinary and diverse. We encourage our candidates to apply with their own ideas or develop one during the application process.

Once all teams are set, we kick off the program!

Let the adventure begin!

Futury welcomes the teams in Frankfurt with an intensive onboarding week full of methodological workshops, e.g., Design Thinking, User Research, as well as expert lectures to put them directly on the right track. Afterward, they prepare their initial pitches for the first milestone event – the Kick-Off – where they present their innovative and sustainable ideas to our corporate partners and get to know them for the first time.

From then on, the teams start turning their ideas into reality. All project partners support the teams with their know-how, industry insights and best practices. Through regular exchanges with all project partners and on-sight visits, we ensure a co-creation approach. All teams are accompanied by Bain & Company, one of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms, which provides them with helpful advice, methods and tools. Futury gives access to any further expert needed: user research, prototyping, business modeling and testing specialists.

Furthermore, the Handelsblatt, as one of the initiators of The Mission, provides media coverage throughout the whole program on all of their channels. After three months of intensive work, the teams will present their prototypes and business models to all partners in the last milestone event - The Final Pitch. This could be the first step towards their own start-up or direct entry to one of the partners. How far our talents want to reach simply depends on their commitment.

How it all can continue...

The Mission doesn’t really end after three months.

Each team decides on their own whether and in what form to continue pursuing their ideas. For those teams who are willing to stay in touch with corporate partners beyond the three-month program, Futury, together with Founders Intelligence, offers an eight-week follow-on The Mission Accelerator Program to jointly set up a proof of concept and develop a go-to-market strategy.

Teams are free to choose any other accelerator program or continue developing their idea on their own. Moreover, upon program completion, all participants enter the Futury Alumni Network to stay in touch beyond The Mission.

See Our Success Stories

Now, it's your turn!

You want to found a start-up, but until now, you just missed the right idea and the right team? You want to work on innovative ideas for a sustainable future? You want to solve real problems together with partner companies and a huge network of experts? Then join a "Mission" and discover your purpose - your start-up is waiting for you!

Have a look at our currently open "The Mission" projects and apply to get this once-in-a-lifetime entrepreneurship experience.

Open Programs

Completed Missions

The Mission I:
Waste - Be Circular!

Waste - Be Circular! was the first of the 12 future fields that were worked on by the initiative THE MISSION.

The topic of this project was the reduction of plastic waste. Plastic is everywhere, and you can hardly get rid of it - plastic waste is a global problem that threatens our earth and seas - and it is our task to solve this problem.

Together with 11 companies covering the entire plastic value chain, from production (Huhtamaki, Schur Flexibles), distribution (DB Schenker), retail (Schwarz Group), recycling (PreZero), and many more, the five selected teams worked on their solutions to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic waste.

October - December 2019

More info

The Mission II:
Banking - Be Green!

The banking industry is currently going through a lot of changes, as the customer preferences and demands transform.

The second project of The Mission aims to determine the expectations of new generations of customers and adapt our partner Deutsche Bank’s offerings accordingly.

February - May 2020

More info

The Mission III:
Sports - Be Sustainable!

The Allianz Arena alone attracts more than 2 million football enthusiasts every year, which cheer for their club, meet friends, and have a great time.​ On a regional, national and international scale:​ Football moves the world and has a huge social, economic, but also ecological impact. That is why we have started our third Mission:​ Transforming the Allianz Arena into the Sustainability Arena of the future.​

The third project of The Mission aims to transform Allianz Arena into the Sustainability Arena of the future.

June - September 2020

More info

The Mission IV:
Work - Be Next!

Our fourth Mission was all about the topic of New Work. In the next years, a whole new generation will enter the job market. They have different expectations from their employers and a value system built around the topic of sustainability. That is why we have started this project with excellent corporate partners who want to shape the future of work.

October 2020 - February 2021

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The Mission V:
Mobility - Be Urban!

Round five! This time, we're diving deep into the topic of urban mobility together with our main project partner SEAT.

Five teams consisting of 19 international students and young professionals are developing sustainable mobility concepts for urban areas. How can people and the environment be relieved? What options for sustainable mobility can be used to reduce climate-damaging emissions, noise and land consumption in cities and rural areas?

February - May 2021

More info

The Mission VI:
Energy - Be Empowered!

Round six! This time, we're diving deep into the topic of green energy together with our main project partners Uniper and Techem.

Five early-stage start-up teams were developing sustainable energy concepts. How might we produce energy in the future? How might we design and operate energy networks? How might we develop and deploy energy services? And how might we change the energy consumption? #EnergyBeEmpowered

June - August 2021

More info

The Mission VII:
Transformation - Be Sustainable!

Round seven! Sustainability has quickly moved to the top of almost every company’s agenda – in fact, the call for a sustainable transformation has never been louder.

3 early-stage start-up teams developed different solutions that help companies transform into a more sustainable businesses.

September - December 2021

More info
Niklas Schaefer, Budge, The Mission II

"Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?"

Walter Sinn, Managing Partner Bain & Company Germany

"It's the combination of young enthusiastic talents on the one side and motivated corporate partners on the other side that enables The Mission to catalyze innovation in a unique way."

Lynn Knapp, AmetiXGreen, The Mission III

"The program provides you not only with a safe environment to develop your ideas or with experienced partners to work with. It also comes with many open-minded and energetic people and heaps of drive and positive energy. There are tons of awesome workshops, in which everyone improves their working styles, and learning is guaranteed on a constant level. The biggest take-away is to work independently, to grow together with your team, and to develop your own idea."

Anurag Gupta, goldfinch, The Mission V

“It’s a very young, dynamic environment to work in. Moreover, we feel connected to all the other teams and do not have the need or feeling of competing against each other. Instead, we find this environment perfect for supporting each other’s ideas, struggles - being a big team.”

Dominik Müller, Green Light, The Mission V

“We really like that The Mission is a safe environment to test out our ideas. In addition, Futury provides us with an excellent network of corporate partners that share their knowledge with us and are willing to help us to remove the roadblocks on our way.”

Lena Rehder, Connectra, The Mission V

"It’s just great to work with so many inspired and motivated people. The corporate partners and Futury members act as experienced sparring partners, who supply us with great support and accompany us on our way towards a solution. They provide us with valuable feedback and help us taking on new perspectives."

Lukas Peschmann, pacelo, The Mission V

“A huge diversity of personalities is one of the most valuable aspects being part of the Mission V. This environment is motivating and inspiring to make the most out of the time, which passes by very fast.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Futury support me financially?

Yes, it is important for us to make sure, that you have all the resources to make your idea happen and you can fully focus on your project. Therefore, we pay a monthly salary throughout the whole project.

I am still a student, can I participate in a THE MISSION project?

Yes of course! As long as you are available for the duration of the whole project (usually three months). Note that all projects take place in Frankfurt, we need you to be here full time.

How close do I work with the corporate partners?

All teams are in permanent contact with the corporate partners of the project through contact persons from the corporates, corporate visits, and presentations.

Can I apply with my friends as a team?

Absolutely! Just let us know in the application form.

I am not a student anymore, can I still participate in the THE MISSION projects?

Yes of course! We are open to people from all walks of life, in the end, it's your idea, that matters!

Can I work for FUTURY?

SURE! We are always looking for awesome people to support our team.❗ In the section Jobs you can find our open positions!

Questions? Contact me!

If you have any questions regarding the projects or the application process, just send me an e-Mail or give me a call:
+49 160 5759901

What are my benefits?

• Work 3 months (full-time) in a co-working space in Frankfurt
• Intensive support by experts and renowned coaches
• Direct access to all corporate partners
• Workshops and training curriculum to provide all necessary skills
• Monthly financial support for you and your idea
• Internship Certificate + the possibility to get credit points for your studies

Can I apply without an Idea?

You can apply without an idea. We will then match you with other participants who are still searching for team members but already have an idea.

Where do I work during the project?

Our teams get an own office in TechQuartier in Frankfurt where they work closely together with other startups and small companies.

Contact data

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Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 51
60596 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 – 348 750 53