Founders Academy

The Founders Academy is a three-month program specially developed by Futury with the aim of setting up a business. The program offers young talents the opportunity and space to develop their ideas freely and to structure them in three months before starting their own business.

Futury Founders Academy

The Futury Founders Academy is especially interesting for those who have a business idea, but don't know exactly how to go forward with it and what the next steps are. During the three-month program, Futury helps the founders to develop their idea and prepare them for the foundation.

How does it work?

You apply to Futury unsolicited with your business idea. We evaluate the idea and include the best ideas in our three-month program. During the three months you will be intensively accompanied by our team and other experts and mentors. Through several workshops on topics relevant to you such as "pitch training", "investment opportunities", "business modeling", you will develop your idea at a very fast pace and be ready to start after the three months. The great thing is that Futury doesn't want you to own any business shares and you don't have to pay for the program.

Futury Founders Academy

During the project, the teams pass through the Futury Founders Academy (FFA). The FFA is a three-month innovation program structured in a way, that different teams with different ideas can develop their ideas from the first draft to the final business model. The aim of the program is to support the teams in setting up their own start-up.
The FFA is based on a design thinking approach that is geared towards developing prototypes as quickly as possible, which can then be tested on companies and customers in the next step. The prototype can look different and could turn out to be a software, application, product, holisitc strategy concept, etc.

Who are those projects for?


You have your own business idea and always wanted to realize it, but you're still afraid of the risks? Don't be shy and apply, it doesn't matter how advanced your business idea is.

How can I be part of it?

Anyone can take part, whether with your own early stage startup or just your first business ideas. We enable you with our support within three months, to start your first own business without any risks. You have suggestions for solutions to our announced innovation challenges? Then apply in just a few steps with a team or alone.

What is Futury about?

Futury is an innovation and company building platform that connects students and innovation-seeking companies. We like to give talented people the opportunity to unlock their full potential by developing value-based innovations.

Futury starts with the innovation request of the business partner, transforms it into a project and invites young talents and entrepreneurs to participate in these. During the project phase, the teams go through a structured, three-month start-up and innovation program that takes them from the first concept to the final business case.

In addition to professional and technical workshops, the teams are coached by experienced mentors of the Werte-Stiftung, to ensure sustainability in innovation.

Enjoy your benefits

  • Work 3 months (full-time) in a co-working space in Frankfurt
  • Intensive support by experts and renowned coaches
  • Direct access to all corporate partners
  • Workshops and training curriculum to provide all
    necessary skills
  • Monthly financial support for you and your idea an for the foundation of your start-up
  • Internship Certificate + the possibility to get credit points for your studies

Ulrich Höngen, CEO Wisag Catering

During our project with Futury, we have seen that Futury can offer us a great opportunity to work together with young, well-educated and committed people to develop new, innovative ideas.

Laura Mehler

Futury helped us the most by offering us the access to the corporate partner network. This allowed us to validate our ideas and hypotheses and test our products in a real-world scenario.

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