TMW 22 - Team Interview - Scrapp

How would you pitch your idea in one sentence?

Scrapp is the free mobile app that allows anyone to scan the barcode of any product, and learn how to dispose of it correctly, according to your local recycling rules.


Why are you participating in THE MISSION?

We are seeking to understand more about value proposition to corporate partners. The value of Scrapp is in its packaging and recycling databases. By working in THE MISSION, we can maximize our value proposition to a range of different potential customers through our product offering, as well as providing us the direction to become a profitable business.


What did you do so far in THE MSSION?

So far we have attended business workshops, had one-to-one meetings with corporate partners and refined our brand new product offering for offices. Getting the insight of the partners has been key to helping us plan and execute the new direction Scrapp is taking the private sector.


What is a fun story about your idea and/or your team?

We have never been all in the same room at once! Callum met Thomas and John for the first time in Frankfurt, having worked together for over a year.


Which goals did you reach in the past time?

We released the Scrapp mobile app in 2021, available now to download on Apple and Android (in the US and UK).


What are your goals for the next year?

We aim to have 10 paying customers by the end of this year and closed our Seedfundraising round of 600,000 EUR.


Is there anything else you want to share with our community on social media?

We have developed a new product offering for offices! Using a tablet, we can set up a ‘separation station’, to allow staff to get on educated on how to recycle right. Similarly, offices can track their waste outputs, bring in custom reward programs and search for non-barcoded items. Check out more here:


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