The Mission II: Banking - Be Green!

Banking Be Green was the second of the 12 future fields that were worked on by the initiative "The Mission".

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How did the project work?

Banking Be Green was the second of the 12 future fields that were worked on by the initiative "The Mission". Often not thought of, but banks can have a strong impact on sustainability in society. As an often long-term partner retail banks accompany their customers in various situations and decisions in life. Keep on scrolling to find out how we have developed sustainable solutions for the banking sector together with Deutsche Bank.

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How did the project work?

For our second Mission: Banking – Be Green, Futury had brought together 7 companies from the banking sector and other industries representing five different living environments. They had joined forces to support our innovative teams in finding sustainable solutions to help banking impact a more sustainable future.

After months of scouting for the best talents across all Germany and beyond, we found five excellent teams with diverse backgrounds but one common goal – to develop ideas that challenge the status quo of the food industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

We kicked off the project on the 20th of February 2020 at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. The teams presented their ideas to an audience of around 100 representatives of renowned German corporations. After getting the guests excited about the project, they went on to meet all the corporate partners for the “Banking” project the day after and discuss their ideas further in deep-dive sessions. After getting corporates’ approval for the ideas, teams rolled up their sleeves and headed to their co-working space at TechQuartier in the heart of Frankfurt to start making their ideas become a reality.

Futury and Bain supported the teams on a daily basis through various workshops and regular deep dives within the framework of the Futury Innovators Academy. Our corporate partners were by our teams’ side as well, providing their expertise and know-how to support the teams as much as possible in the realization of their concepts.
Right before the interim pitch, the ‘Corona’ situation becomes more severe, so we all had to pack our backs and head into home office. So, it was no wonder that our interim pitch was held fully remote via a webinar. The teams presented their interim results to the corporate partners and received comprehensive feedback digitally. The phase between the interim pitch and the final pitch was used intensively to develop a prototype and a business model, to test and to adjust.

At the beginning of Mai, Futury brought all the corporate partners and teams together for the last time, virtually and in person – Futury was able to set up a hybrid event. Our teams presented the final results of their hard work. They had surpassed all expectations of the corporates. Following the pitches, they had a chance to approach the teams and discuss the possible next steps for the ideas. We are very excited to share with you that some ideas will continue developing on their own in 2020 and beyond!

We look forward to keeping in touch with our Talents and see them develop further in their careers. Now time for the Mission III – on to the next one.

What was the outcome?

For some of our five teams, the Final Pitch was actually just the beginning! Futury gives the teams the opportunity to continue developing what they´ve started in the project and work on their innovative ideas beyond the three months. We´re absolutely thrilled that all 2 of our teams considered that opportunity and are currently pursuing their ideas from the project further towards their own startups. Within the project, they have gained a vast network of supporters from the corporate partners of the project and continue profiting from that network. Futury encourages everyone to keep the created bonds and push their ideas on the market. Here is an overview of the teams that participated in "The Mission II: Banking - Be Green!":

Team - Budge

Budge is a community of sustainability actors.

They encourage individuals and companies alike to take on sustainability challenges and compete against the community.

Along the way Budge shows you the true impact that your daily life choices have.

With a light and easy design, the app is fun to use and with our big offer of tips & insights you can educate yourself more around the topic of sustainability.

Budge is challenging you to a sustainable life.

Team Budge joined a follow-on validation program with our partners Founders Intelligence, Deutsche Bank, Zurich, Kaufland and DWS. Check their website here:

And check out their video here!

Team - Sustainonomics

Sustainonomics is an innovative platform that provides information on sustainable finance for all stakeholders interested in transforming our financial system towards more sustainability. With their podcast and a website filled with useful information, links, courses and events about sustainable finance, they want to enable the next generation to put the insights on sustainable finance into practice.

Check their websitehere:

Team - Your Coice

Your Choice enables people to make more sustainable choices when they shop groceries. Their App is suggesting sustainable product alternatives based on consumer preferences. The Ranking relies on scoring of products based on certificates / labels and they have been exploring around incentive systems, personal data collection and payment function integration.

Check out their video here!

Team –Drive ‘N’ Safe

Drive ‘N’ Safe incentivizes car drivers to save fuel and drive more sustainably.

Their App is built around incentive systems based on a cars eco-score to reward more sustainable driving behavior. Incentive options such as financial rewards and community and gamification incentives were explored. The Initial focus is to target leasing clients (50% of German market) both corporate & private.

Team Impact4Real

Impact4Real makes sustainable investing more appealing to people who value sustainability. It isan App educating (young) people about basics of sustainable investing and existing impact / ESG assets for retail investors. They make use of gamification to educate and incentivize users to invest. It is important to mention that the solution does not act as financial advisor but would refer users to brokers for actual investment.

Articles and Trend Radar

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Project Timeline

February 2, 2020
Project Kick Off
February 16, 2020
Phase 1: Market Research
March 20, 2020
Interim Pitch
March 22, 2020
Phase 2: Prototyping
May 6, 2020
Final Pitch
Niklas Schäfer, The Mission II Alumni

Besides an energizing team spirit, you become part of a potential new start-up in a setting incomparable to anything else. Or can you think about a place where you get all the freedom you need to be creative and being paid for creating your own company?

Jannis Röthemeier, Project Manager The Mission II

The project was an absolute success. The teams have developed great solutions that they can now continue to work on together with the companies. I am happy that the solutions are now being further developed.

The Mission II: Banking - Be Green!


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