The Mission I: Waste - Be Circular!

Waste is a global problem for ecosystems. Much of it could be avoided by recycling - but in practice, products are often difficult to divide and sort into raw materials. How can waste avoidance work in the future?

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Waste - Be Circular: How did the project work?

Waste Be Circular was the first of the 12 future fields that were worked on by the initiative "The Mission". The topic of this project was plastic waste. Plastic is everywhere, and you can hardly get rid of it - plastic waste is a global problem that threatens our earth and seas - and it is our task to solve this problem. Together with 11 companies covering the entire plastic value chain, from production (Huhtamaki, Schur Flexibles), distribution (DB Schenker), retail (Schwarz Group), recycling (PreZero), and many more, the five selected teams worked on their solutions to reduce, reuse or recycle plastic waste.

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How did the project work?

For our first-ever Mission: Waste – Be Circular, Futury had brought together 11 leading companies from the whole value chain of the food industry. They had joined forces to support our innovative teams in finding sustainable solutions for the growing plastic waste problem.

After months of scouting for the best talents across all Germany and beyond, we found five excellent teams with diverse backgrounds but one common goal – to develop ideas that challenge the status quo of the food industry with their unique, innovative ideas.

We kicked off the project on the 19th of September 2019 on the stage of the annual EBS Symposium.  The teams presented their ideas to an audience of hundreds of students and representatives of renowned German corporations. After getting the guests of the Symposium excited about the project, they went on to meet all the corporate partners for the “Waste” project and discuss their ideas further in deep-dive sessions. After getting corporates’ approval for the ideas, teams rolled up their sleeves and headed to their co-working space Frankfurt to start making their ideas become a reality.

Futury supported the teams on a daily basis through various workshops and regular deep dives within the framework of the Futury Innovators Academy. Our corporate partners were by our teams’ side as well, providing their expertise and know-how to support the teams as much as possible in the realization of their concepts.

At the interim pitch, the teams presented their interim results to the corporate partners and received comprehensive feedback. The phase between the interim pitch and the final pitch was used intensively to develop a prototype and to develop the solution to the point where it can be tested by the companies at the end of the three-month project.

At the end of 2019, Futury brought all corporate partners under one roof for one last time. Our teams presented the final results of their hard work they had surpassed all expectations of the corporates. Following the pitches, they had a chance to approach the teams and discuss the possible next steps for the ideas. We are very excited to share with you that some of the ideas will continue developing on their own in 2020!

We look forward to keeping in touch with our Talents and see them develop further in their careers. Now time for the Mission II – on to the next one

Project Timeline

September 20, 2019
Project Kick Off
September 22, 2019
Phase 1: Market Research
October 31, 2019
Interim Pitch
November 1, 2019
Phase 2: Prototyping
December 12, 2019
Final Pitch
Blanca Orozco - Team Sliceomat

I joined THE MISSION because I think that right now, we are in the exact period that we can do something to overcome all the problems that are surrounding the environment.

Jakob Seiss - Team use2reuse

THE MISSION is a unique opportunity, and something which on this scale is very rare, I think.

The Mission I: Waste - Be Circular!


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