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Daria Wittrock

Talent Manager


Why should I apply for a THE MISSION PROGRAM?
In our THE MISSION programs, you can expect a structured 3-month program to get your start-up as close to market maturity as possible. You will get intensive support from industry leaders and personal, as well as idea coachings. And the best part: For participating in THE MISSION your team even receives 10,000 € without having to give up equity or rights. So, if you are already a start-up founder or are planning to become one, THE MISSION is the right program for you.
Who can apply?
We are looking for solo as well as team applications. You are welcome in our THE MISSION programs if you have an entrepreneurial mindset and the willingness to change the world into a better place with innovative, sustainable ideas.
What are my benefits of a participation in the THE MISSION program?
• Work three months (full-time) in a beautiful co-working space in Frankfurt (wework)
• Get intensive support by experts and renowned coaches
• Get direct access to industry market leaders and potential pilot-customers (our corporate partners)
• Participate in workshops and trainings, which will provide you with all necessary skills
• Receive a financial support from 10.000 EUR
Do I need an idea to apply? 
You can apply with or without an idea. If you have an idea, we will support you in every possible way. We could match you with potential co-founders too, if you need them. If you don't have an idea, we can match you to people and teams, which have one. Nonetheless, your motivation is, what matters most to us.
Does Futury support me financially?
Yes, it is important for us to make sure, that you have all the resources to fully focus on your project. Therefore, we pay every participating team 10.000€ (equity-free).
We have already received funding and / or are not an early startup. Can we still apply?
Yes. The most important criteria for the selection is how adaptive and early-stage your solution still is.
I am looking for co-founders, can I find them in the THE MISSION program?
Absolutely! We receive many solo applications and match them to teams who are still looking for co-founders during the application process.
Not our whole team can be in Frankfurt present for the duration of the 3-month program, does an application still make sense?
At least 2 persons of your team must be fully committed to the mission. The participation in all milestone events (Kick-Off, Interim Pitch, Final Pitch) is mandatory and at least 1-2 persons should be in presence in Frankfurt for the 3 month period (home office is of course always possible). The rest of the team can participate remotely.


What is Futury and how is it connected to Futury Capital, Future Institute etc.?
Futury is an innovation and sustainability platform in the heart of Germany. We are especially known for our incubator program THE MISSION with its three recurring topics Food, Waste and Construction.

With our VC Futury Capital we invest in early- and growth-stage tech companies. Futury Institute is our approach to research and implement more sustainable ways to do business. Werte-Stiftung is backing all our actions with their values so that we have a moral compass.
I want to be part of the Futury ecosystem - how can I find my sweet spot?
First of all: Welcome, we would love to have you on board! Second: To find out where you could fit in our ecosystem, just reach out to us directly via mail or LinkedIn.
Can I work for Futury?
Sure! We are always looking for awesome people to strengthen our Futury-family. Here you can find our open positions!