Futury Ideation Platform

Our ideation platform supports you with an easy-to-use open innovation format to bring internal ideas to light - we support you in every step along the way:

First, we act as a solution consultant to define the open innovation topic and to ensure that all key stakeholders are on board.

Second, we can scout and select the right talents internally and externally to bring together people with a creative and innovative mindset.

Third, we support the development of tangible solutions and new business models to turn every idea into reality.

Build up your platform...

We centralize all entrepreneurial activities, ideas and interests in one digital platform on which you can execute different innovation challenges.

... and join forces!

We enhance your internal ideation challenges with young, entrepreneurial talents to get an outside-in-view and new creative ideas.

One success example: LMU's case study event

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Our challenge was to set up an online platform on which ten companies (including McKinsey, Capgemini, and Avanade) could upload their own case studies. In a one-week business case event, 150 students were granted access to the platform and assigned 1-3 cases. The students solved the cases interactively in teams of 3 and pitched their solutions to the companies at the end.

Our Role

With our knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship and LMU’s expertise in case studies, we co-designed the challenge and the whole evaluation process. We then set up the platform according to the needs. We briefed and mentored the students and companies to guarantee smooth implementation.


150 students completed the Case Study Event by pitching their ideas to the companies at the end of the week. The Futury Ideation Platform helped the teams collaborate in the teams and with the companies in an interactive and fun way and provided a central place where the ideation happened.
Students were on the Futury Ideation Platform, working remotely on innovative ideas in teams of 3
Companies were on the Futury Ideation Platform intensively collaborating with all participants in an interactive way

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