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Who we are

Futury is an innovation and venturing platform that connects entrepreneurial talents with leading companies. We aim to find the brightest minds and innovative creators to give hands-on and practical answers to today's business and society challenges.

Together with our corporate partners, experts and coaches, we provide a variety of structured innovation and (venturing) incubation programs to jointly develop new solutions and market-ready business models to solve the innovation problems of the future.

Our Story

Where we come from

In the year 2015, Futury was founded by the Werte-Stiftung, an independent foundation based in Frankfurt that strives for equal opportunities and social cohesion in Germany. One of many projects of the "Werte-Stiftung" is Futury, a value-based innovation platform. In this way, they wanted to counteract the fact that values play no or only a subordinate role in the training of potential entrepreneurs in various start-ups or innovation labs. But researches have shown that successful founders have a particularly strong sense of values. This is precisely why Futury was created. Futury shows ways to bring values into innovation processes and thereby into many fields of the business.

The development of Futury

In the first years of Futury, we developed our concept with various projects and corporate partners. In particular, we worked on improving the Futury Founders Academy, in which talents from universities are linked with companies and work together in a three-month program on the development of new business models. The program aims to train a new generation of value-conscious entrepreneurial personalities alongside forward-looking innovations.

From 2015 onwards, futury has carried over 20 projects with various companies from the German SME sector and thereby could continuously improve the program.

Whats next?

Since 2019, Futury has risen to a new level with the initiative THE MISSION. In 12 projects, we bring together companies and students from different industries and work on solutions for the future. With this initiative, Futury has fully committed itself to the topic of sustainability.

For the future, Futury is in the planning of further projects in which young people, experienced companies and the topic of innovation will always be the central elements. So keep tuned to what Futury keeps ready for you!

Futury Facts & Figures

In the short history of Futury we have achieved a lot. We have worked with market leaders as well as hidden champions, with students from worlds best universities and even Olympic champions.

Futury was founded in 2015 as a common ground where experienced corporates and enthusiastic students can collaborate, co-create and learn from each other.

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